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This is an information site for immigration to the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Get the FREE information you need to move to this lesser-known province in Canada.

Pronunciation:  British  suh.ska.chuh.wn

American  suh.ska.chuh.waan


You must be wondering like many others where Saskatchewan is located? Well, it is a Western Canadian French province, located at the southern borders of the United States of Montana and North Dakota. Bordered on the west by Alberta, the north by the Northwest Territories, the east by Manitoba, and the northeast by Nunavut. That means it’s a close neighbor of the US of A.

with an extensive area of relatively flat grassland, with few, if any, trees, which covers its southern plains and the north, which comprises the rugged rock of the Canadian shield plateau, pine forests, as well as rivers, and lakes, Saskatchewan is a place to live in.

Saskatchewan is home to 72 of Canada’s First Nations, with reserve lands scattered throughout the province. According to history, immigrants were attracted to Saskatchewan due to the availability of wide pieces of fertile land. Today, Saskatchewan is primarily said to be the province’s fast-growing modern economy that attracts new immigrants to build their lives in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is multicultural, the product of immigration throughout its history. A major inflow of people from Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe, at the end of the 19th century, settled in Saskatchewan.

Settling in, they took great efforts to keep their cultural practices alive once they arrived in Canada. The result of efforts made resulted in a colorful cultural mosaic that makes Saskatchewan a warm and welcoming place. Like most early civilizations, Saskatchewan developed as a rural farming economy, which remains an important part of the province’s culture to this day. It is a beautiful, beautiful province, and offers the best living experience.

The high quality of life enjoyed by Saskatchewan’s residents was created with the sense of boasting a modern industrial and service economy, making the province much more urban than it was in the past.

What language(s) do Saskatchewanians speak?

Do you want to be sure you will blend in if you are considering moving there? The primary language of the province is English. With about 82.4% of Saskatchewanians speaking English as their first language, and the other percent left, speaks both English and French. Basically, if you are a fluent English speaker, you can work, shop, school, and relate with any Saskatchewanian.

Canada is known to be cold, Is Saskatchewan following suit?

Not really. Saskatchewan is referred to as Canada’s “sunniest” province, which has an estimated average of 2,000 to 2,500 hours of sunshine annually. In may, High temperatures range from 15C (60 F)  to the mid-30s C, (90-95 F) in July and August. The nights tend to be cool, while winter begins normally in November, and the temperature remains generally below freezing point.

The top places to be in Saskatchewan.

There are top attractions in Saskatchewan which are most of the beautiful national parks in Canada, landmarks in First Nations history, and great outdoor adventures. Because it is a sunnier, warmer province, it favors outdoor activities. You can easily get around to these places.

Talking about security, Saskatchewan has a center called There is called Home of the Mounties(The RCMP Heritage center) to honor her police force for their services. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada’s most respected national police force, which in the time past, helped in shaping Canadian identity and protected its citizens. This legacy is put on display at the RCMP Heritage Center. The center uses art exhibits, multimedia, and more to highlight the rich story of the RCMP. The mounties are right up there with politeness and beavers when it comes to Canadian icons, but then, they are far more than just their red suits and groovy hats.

Are you beginning to love the province? These are just a tip of the flavors of Saskatchewan. For outdoor lovers, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is a must-visit attraction. It is named for the Cypress hills that at about a 580metres above the surrounding terrain and it is located in the southwest corner of Saskatchewan. Exploration places like cliffs, forest trails, and lookout points are all available to be enjoyed. The area is a dark sky preserve, which means, literally no or little form of unnatural light will hinder your stars, planets, and view, in the night sky.

You can go camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, golfing, and lots, more here. They also are local restaurants to be visited, or even the Cypress hills winery, and a whole lot more interesting spots to pique your interest.

Prince Albert National Park is another popular park in Canada. You aren’t going to see it all in one go, at a nearly 3,975square kilometers long range. But then, many of the highlights, including the possibility of seeing free-roaming plains bison, can be realized in several scenic driving tours.

A visit to Little Manitou Lake can result in a swimming and spa day. Unlike the dead sea in Israel, this Lake is filled with briny water which possesses natural skin and body care properties. These properties are made from the concentration of mineral salts, magnesium, silica, potassium, and other minerals found in the water. Going for a float in this water can help in body rejuvenation and relaxation, once the benefits are soaked in the body.

The Churchill River was used by the very first nations as a travel and trade route for centuries. The river continued to serve that purpose even after explorers and the fur-trading voyageurs began visiting the region. Today, adventurers can make memories of a lifetime and ride the whitewater. A large number of paddlers from all over the world, fill the mighty waterway. It may also interest you to know that the river connects several major lakes and natural landmarks, including the tallest waterfall in Saskatchewan, Nistowiak Falls, included. It also is a great place to try spotting a moose on the shores and bald eagles overhead.

Saskatchewan provides you with a lot more attractions and integration than I have described.

Are Saskatchewanians welcoming?

Canadians, in general, are well known to be friendly but then, the friendliest of all would be no other than the people from Saskatchewan. They are easygoing and the most friendly and welcoming people you’ll ever meet.

Is it a good place to settle in?

Unlike most major cities in Canada, housing costs are lower in Saskatchewan, and owning a home there also, is very affordable and achievable for most people. In Saskatchewan, there are no personal premiums or personal charges for basic and needed health services, which is likely not a similar situation in other Canadian provinces.

The high standard of living in Saskatchewan helps to attract immigrants to settle in their province through the PNP program. The cost of living in Saskatchewan is quite affordable by Canadian standards.

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