Cost of immigrating

There are variations in the cost of migrating to Saskatchewan, Canada, and the immigration program you apply through will play a role in determining how much the process would cost. Some of the factors to consider in calculating your potential cost of migrating to Saskatchewan include; where you’re migrating from(your home country), visa fee, language test fee, medicals, flight, accommodation on arrival, and whether you are traveling alone or with family members, the number of family members traveling with you, among others.


Visa Processing Fee:

The cost of visa processing depends on several items, including visa, the visa type, the number of persons in the application, and biometrics, among others. Depending on these factors, you’re looking at a range of;

  • Visitor visa- $CAN100
  • Visitor visa for a family of five- $CAN500
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)- $CAN7
  • Work permit application fee- $CAN155
  • Study permit application fee- $CAN150
  • Biometrics fee- $CAN85
  • Biometrics fee (families of 2 members or more)- $CAN170
  • Right of permanent residence fee- $CAN490
  • or more depending on the visa application type.


Proof of Funds:

Proof of funds is a way of demonstrating that you have the funds to settle on arrival in Saskatchewan. An important part of your visa application process is your provision of a documented verification that you have the funds. Note that you’re to provide proof of funds that you have access to during your visa application and if your application is granted when you arrive in Canada.

However, you may not be required to provide proof of funds if you’re applying under the Canadian Experience Class, or if you have a work permit and have a valid job offer in the province.


Accepted Proof of Funds:

The accepted Proof of Funds is an official letter from a bank/financial institution where the said funds is kept. The following must be noted in the official letter:

  • it must be printed on the financial institution’s letterhead,
  • it must include the financial institution’s contact information (address, telephone number, and email address),
  • it must include your name (the visa applicant),
  • it must list the applicant’s active debts or loans, and
  • details of each account the applicant operates with the financial institution (account number, date account was opened, current balance, the average balance for the last 6 months).


Funds Range:

The amount of money you would need for your immigration to Saskatchewan is updated from time to time and would depend on the size of your family. The size of your family would include:

  • you,
  • your spouse (or partner),
  • your dependent children, and
  • your spouse’s dependent children.

It is advised that you include your spouse and/or dependent children even if they’re Canadian citizens or permanent residents, or even if they’re not traveling with you.


Declaration of Funds:

On arrival, you must inform the border officer if you’re bringing more than CAN$10,000 with you. If you don’t declare this to them, you may be fined, and your funds may be seized. Things you must declare include:

  • cash,
  • documents of money payable to you (bank drafts, cheques, money orders, as well as travelers’ cheques),
  • documents of property or capital payable to you (stocks, bonds, debentures, and treasury bills).