Prepare your documents

Moving is no child’s play, Take it from someone who has done the same over and over. While the stress could be frustrating, the excitement of moving to a new place could be worth all the stress if you allow yourself to experience it.

We have some moving tips that might help you view it in a good light instead of as a burden.


Start early

Don’t make the mistake of running against time, sincerely it doesn’t help anyone.

Starting early will put things in focus such as what to do with furniture, kitchen utensils, things to give out, and even your pets.

Paperwork should be handled with care

Sort all your paperwork such as bills, bank and tax documents, car insurance, certificates, medical info, insurance, and employment history in one file. Send the electronic copies to yourself. You might want to leave extra copies with a trusted family member or take them all with you. It all depends on you.

Keep a Positive Mindset

You know how an end-of-the-year decluttering is done so that some home items don’t go into the new year with you? think of packing up as something similar.

Get rid of items as you declutter. They can be given to friends or sold off. Look at it as an opportunity to discard items you won’t need in your new home.

Take it a Day at a Time

You can put aside some time each weekend to sort your belongings, sell what is still of considerable value and give out any others. However, you have to be careful not to hoard things because of nostalgia. You might be surprised when you eventually get to Saskatchewan and realised what you came with are disposable and could have saved you some money off shipping.

You don’t have to do it alone

If you have a family close by, get them to help with the moving process. It could be turned to a group activity by assigning different tasks to different age groups. Make it fun too, order drinks and foods like pizza to get everyone going. The moment can equally be used to say goodbyes. In no time, your belongings will be boxed away. Alternatively, you can hire movers. You will only need to spend a few monies.

Calculate shipping cost

There are free resources online to calculate how much you will need to pay for your belongings.

When you know the shipping quote, you may then choose from any of the shipping companies you find affordable.

These are mere guides as there is no single rigid way to move to Canada. For instance, there are folks who left their home countries with only essential items and started all over in Canada. It all boils down to individual differences.

So, you have made the big decision to move to Saskatchewan Canada, well done.


To make your planning stage as smooth as possible, we have put together some essential documents that will be crucial to your immigration success.

It is important to note that you might need to show some of these documents to immigration at the airport while others would be needed to settle in Saskatchewan. That being said, let’s check some of these documents that you’d need.

Travel documents:

– Passport

– Valid immigration visa

Insurance documents

-Travel Insurance

-Health insurance (Saskatchewan does not grant health insurance for the first three month of landing)

Bank documents

-Bank statements

Employment documents

-Canadian format resume

-Written references from previous employers

Driving documents

-Driver’s license from your home country

What is next?

Knowing what documents to take along is great but only one step of many to give you a smooth sailing to Saskatchewan.

In case you are planning on moving your belongings (link should be inserted here) from your home country to Saskatchewan, you would need to be informed about the costs and the steps to take.