Why you should study in Saskatchewan

Whether you enjoy a laid-back lifestyle or a more vibrant one, Saskatchewan has both to offer you! Nicknamed the land of prairie Saskatchewan offers more than a land of agriculture activities, It is now known for growth in some industries like; finance, real estate, and most importantly for state-of-the-art facilities, innovation and high-quality Universities, colleges, and technical institutes. As an international student, there are a wide range of programs, and credentials to choose from.

Saskatchewan has over 6000 international students studying in universities and colleges across province. This is so because many international students are choosing Saskatchewan as a study destination primarily because of its benefits of top quality education, promising career opportunities and the possibility of becoming a PR in the long. Let’s break down some of the reasons why you should choose Saskatchewan for your degree or diploma as the case may be.

Low Unemployment Rate
Saskatchewan has for a number of years had the lowest unemployment in Canada and as of March 2022, it was the second-lowest right after Quebec. This is something international students often look out for as it not only promises part-time jobs during studies but also the availability of job opportunities for post-graduate work permit holders.

Permanent Residence Pathways
By studying in Saskatchewan for at least one academic year (8 months) an international student might be able to transit to permanent residence through the many streams under the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program designed for students.

Exceptional Education
The province is home to Universities that are not only world-class but equally public-funded which gives international students access to top-quality education at affordable fees.

High Number of Post-Secondary Institutions
Saskatchewan has enough numbers of post-secondary institutions from career colleges, regional colleges, polytechnics, and universities. Owing to this, international students have more choices of institutions.