Getting a Job

From applying to schools to finally studying in Canada, you have come a long way and it is only right that you move on to the next stage. As a recent graduate, you have a world of opportunities before you. If you plan to remain in Canada and kick-start your career, you will have to be well prepared to reach your potential. We have pulled together some insight and tools to help you locate and land the right job.

When it comes to getting a job in Saskatchewan, there are certain steps to take that will position you for the right jobs or career path you desire to take after leaving the college/university.

  • Institutions Career Centers: Most post-secondary institutions often have career centers dedicated to providing students with resources to help them land jobs. Some of these are job and internship opportunities, advice on the Saskatchewan job market, and connecting to employers and mentors.
  • Networking: It is proven that employers prefer hiring based on recommendations and most graduates find a job through people they know. If you have ever worked before studying in Saskatchewan, you probably would attest to the fact that some jobs don’t get advertised, HRs and employers often already know who they want to hire through in or out-company networks. Utilize the benefits of networking and get in touch with as many people in your field as you can. Attends seminars and events dedicated to networking and ensure you leave with accomplishing your purpose, remember “One of the biggest defects in life is the inability to ask for help.” – Robert Kiyosaki
  • Volunteer: One way to scale the hurdle of not having the “Canadian experience” most employers seek is to volunteer in your desired field. This would enable you to learn some of the nitty-gritty aspects of your desired job and make you have more to offer.
  • Get a Mentor: Mentors can help put things into focus. You can choose a mentor from a circle of people already known to you or a total stranger as long it is someone with experience in your field and they are willing to guide you towards career success.
  • Utilize LinkedIn: A LinkedIn account is more than just another social media account. Look at it as a way to be in the same hall with thousands of other professionals with no inhibitions to get an invite to a table-something that could have a positive impact on your career. You can build connections, keep up to date on your field and find potential employers and recruiters. With LinkedIn, you can expand the prospects of rewarding employment in Saskatchewan
  • Use Email appropriately or use Phone instead: To get a prospective employer’s attention you may need to send emails but you would need to follow up because you never can tell how busy they may be. If email is proving difficult (with no response), you may use the phone but remember to exhibit appropriate phone manners.
  • Be Persistent: It is easy to get tired of job-hunting when there are a lot of rejection emails than you are getting for acknowledgement of applications, but instead of giving, try other ways to stand out from tons of applications or candidates, a simple “Thank you” email after an interview will go a long way.
  • Get a Part-Time Job: The pressure of finances might make you want to settle for less. However, if you get a part-time job in another field, you might be able to ease the pressure and better concentrate on getting into the career industry of you choice