Works eligible on Study Permit

Perhaps one of the alluring features of studying in Canada is the perks of earning while learning. Finding employment while you study is a great way to get valuable work experience, build skills to help you find jobs after you graduate, make extra income for yourself and develop connections and relationships with others. International students may be able to work on or off-campus if they have valid study permits, Social Insurance Number (SIN) and have started their study programs.

There are three types of work mode permitted to an international student, On-campus, Off-Campus, and internships/ co-op placements.

On-Campus Work

Students can work jobs located on their school campus as long as it is the campus they study at even if their school has more than one campus. An on-campus job doesn’t have limited work hours but it is recommended students stick to 20 hours so their study time isn’t affected. Students can work for the following employers on campus:

  • yourself (If  you have a physically located business on-campus for example, a coffee shop)
  • the school
  • a faculty member
  • a student organization
  • a private business
  • a private contractor that provides on-campus services to the school

Off-Campus Work

Working off campus means you can work for any employer outside the college or university in any occupation anywhere in Saskatchewan. If a student meet all of the requirements for off-campus work, they may be able to work up to 20 hours a week during regular school terms/semesters and work full time during scheduled school breaks/holidays (only if a student is a full time student before and after the break).

Working more than 20 hours per week off-campus will violate your study permit conditions. A student can lose their status and may not be approved for a study or work permit in the future and might have to leave Saskatchewan and Canada. Please note that a student on an authorized leave or switching schools and not currently studying is not eligible to work off campus. Such a student can only go back to work as soon as they resume studying. Other factors that determine if a student is eligible to work off- campus with a work permit are:

  • Enrolled in a study program that is at least 6 months in duration and leads to a degree, diploma or certificate.
  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Have started studying

A student may not be able to work off campus without a work permit if any of these applies:

  • study permit shows “non-authorized” to work off campus while studying
  • only enrolled in an English or French as a second language (ESL/FSL) program
  • a student is only taking general interest courses
  • taking courses required to be accepted into a full-time program
  • a student situation changes and no longer meet all of the requirements to work off campus

Co-op/ Internship Placement

Students on program of study that offer co-op/internship opportunities will need to apply for a co-op work permit.

To apply for a C0-op work permit, you may need a valid study permit, a letter from your college or university stating that students in your program must complete work placements in order to receive their degrees is required in order to obtain a Co-op work permit.

The work permit application could also be submitted along with your study permit application if your acceptance letter specifies that a Co-op or internship placement is necessary as a component of your academic program.

When you finally decide on the type of job to engage in, you may check with your institution as there are usually campus services that are designed to help you find a job or connect you with employment-related workshops so you can learn the process of finding employment in Saskatchewan. Whichever work type you decide on, you may need to be get your resume and cover letter ready, find out how to ensure those documents don’t become a stumbling block in this guide

In addition, don’t forget the finances aspect, because of course, when you get a job, you would have to be paid for services rendered and will need a bank account for your money to be paid in to.