Housing For Newcomers

  Saskatchewan has some of the most affordable housing in Canada. Good news if you are a newcomer as getting accommodation is usually at top of most newcomers’ to-do list. Except a new immigrant has a relative in Saskatchewan who is willing to take them in for a couple of days/weeks while house hunting, a temporary accommodation would be needed for the time being and finally a permanent accommodation after settling in. There are self-catering rentals, hotels and hostels with varying costs and the one to go for will depend entirely on your budget. You can always find rental suggestions from these places:
  • electronic and newspaper advertisements
  • housing registries provided by community colleges or, technical institutes, and universities
  • provincial/municipal rental guides
  • property management firms and real estate agents who handle rental properties
  • family, friends, or co-workers
Newcomer or not, there are great housing options available for everyone and we will be providing you with some tips on how renting and accommodation works generally in Saskatchewan.