Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is intended to protect travelers from certain financial risks and losses that may occur during a trip.

The cost of medical treatment in Saskatchewan can be very expensive for a visitor who isn’t covered under the subsidized healthcare, therefore, it is essential to have adequate travel insurance to cover any medical treatment or non-medical costs when visiting Canada, even if for brief stay. When it comes to travel insurance, the policy signed up for will play a big part in determining the range of cost covered. It may be able to cover accident, delayed, missing or damaged baggage, liability, trip interruption among others.

It is also important to check if the travel plan includes health coverage, that way you may not have to buy them individually and save yourself some money. Always be in the clear on what your insurance carry for total peace of mind.

Travel insurance can be bought online through the insurance companies or third party companies who may earn commission on successful purchase. You should be ready to answer some questions through which the appropriate coverage can be determined, the followings are example of questions you might be asked:

  • Will you be going on one trip or more than two this year?
  • What type of travel insurance will you need? (e.g. emergency medical, cancellation and interruption, or both?
  • Number of travelers and their date(s) of birth
  • What is the start and end date of your trip?
  •  What is the date of birth and province of residence of each traveler?

How often you travel can determine the coverage you opt for, single travel plan or annual. Also bear in mind that travel insurance costs will vary based on plan selected, trip length, age and number of travelers.

Before your trip, it’s critical to read the fine print of your travel insurance policy to ensure proper protection. Be aware of the specifics of your coverage to avoid unpleasant surprises if you need to file a claim, which may be denied because you incorrectly assumed you were covered. Check the policy wording carefully for coverage limits as well as any terms and conditions that may affect your coverage.