Application Process

The next step after mapping out your desired program and institution type will be to begin the application process by making a list of these schools, visit their websites to check eligibility requirements and supporting documents. Now you certainly want to know when you should start applying, generally in Canada, Saskatchewan not an exception, most schools have three admission intakes namely:
  • Fall Intake
  • Winter Intake
  • Summer Intake
The Fall Intake is the primary and most popular intake for post-secondary schools admission in Saskatchewan. More programs are usually available for admission. Although, application window open from November to April. It varies considerably with schools. The Winter Intake is synonymous to January intake. It is best to begin applying from September (after all documents, school searched and eligibility have passed check) The Spring Intake. The semester often runs from May to August and it is the least preferred, it has limited number of available programs. The months allocated for application submission notwithstanding, the availability of programs is often determined by the available number of seats in relation to applications received by the institution. Some programs are considered competitive and not only require high grades to meet eligibility, an applicant may also need to submit an application as early as possible to have a headstart (more on eligibility below). When applying for a program, you would be required to submit some documents in order to be assess for program suitability. Intending program is the determinant of the supporting documents in most  cases, however these are the usual documents to be submitted alongside your application:
  • Passport bio-data page
  • Letter of reference
  • Academic transcripts
  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose or Letter of Intent
  • Scratch card (If from WAEC region in Africa)
  • Previous academics certificates
  • IELTS Test Result (often waived for students from English-speaking countries but still subjected to program requirement) GRE/GMAT
Some applications process are as simple as filling a form online with required information, upload scanned documents and click submit, await confirmation and an offer. While some takes longer with rounds of essays or interviews. It all boils down to the credential, eligibility criteria and program applying for. Schools in Saskatchewan charges application fees, the lowest being 90 CAD (Canadian dollar). Keep in mind that application windows and deadlines varies from school to school, make sure to be aware of important dates and deadlines of your chosen institution. We believe this article has shed some light on how to go about admission in Saskatchewan. After an offer of admission, what is the next step?