Car Insurance

Before you ask someone else this “Do i need car insurance in Saskatchewan? You certainly do if you own a car or plan on having one! infact, it is illegal to drive without car insurance in Saskatchewan and the whole of Canada. All the more reason to get a car insurance. You might want to ditch the thought of owning a car as a new immigrant because of the above info but if you have a family and for ease of moving around, it is important to factor in the expenses of buying a car and its insurance in your finances when planning your relocation to Saskatchewan especially if you are coming in the winter, buses might not run on certain days and who knows what your schedule might be on those days eh? The only provider of car insurance in Saskatchewan is the provincial government. You can purchase auto insurance directly from Saskatchewan Government Insurance with the option of tort coverage or no-fault coverage. If you choose the tort option, you will have the right to sue for loss and suffering during claims.

Car Insurance types in Saskatchewan

Bearing in mind that there are other optional auto insurance coverages, the following are types of mandatory car coverages available by law in Saskatchewan:
  • Third-party liability: covers material damage and bodily injury caused to others by your fault.
  • Accidents benefits: gives protection for bodily injury when in an accident regardless of is at fault, total medical treatment, and income replacement.
  • Uninsured Automobile insurance: this insurance applies if a driver or someone in the vehicle that belongs to a driver is either injured or killed by an uninsured driver, or by a hit-and-run driver.
  • Collision car insurance: although not entirely mandatory, it covers property damage caused by collision of a car with an object i.e Traffic sign.
  • Comprehensive car insurance: provides coverage for any damage that isn’t collision, for instance, it may cover vandalism, fire, theft, glass breakage amongst others.

Car Insurance Cost In Saskatchewan

The minimum amount required for each coverage differs and a number of factors will be considered when determining the price of your car insurance. Some of the factors are:
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Driving record/history
  • Place where you live, i.e. city or countryside
  • Type of vehicle you drive: easily stolen or less noticeable.
  • Use of the vehicle: is it use for business purposes, to and from work daily or mainly for social events?
  • The number of people insured on a car insurance and their driving level
  • Date driver’s license was obtained
  • The amount of Third party liability chosen
  • Optional coverage chosen: did you add roadside assistance, accident forgiveness?
These above factors will to a large extent affect how high or low your premium will be.

Tips for Cheaper Car Insurance

  • Bundle your policies
  • Shop and compare to get the best deal
  • Choose the right amount of deductible
  • Choose the right coverages
  • Pay annually
  • Install Safety-device
  • Have a good driving record and install a telematic device
  • Use discounts
Even if you don’t worry about car crashes because you’re confident in your driving abilities, what happens in situations that are totally out of your control and where your driving skills won’t matter?. A good insurance policy gives you peace of mind, it is a way to save money ahead of auto accidents instead of paying heavily out of pocket should a crash occur.