Interview Preparation

You got invited for an interview, congratulations! It could only mean that you were able to make an impression and the recruiters would like to go to the next stage with you. As you prepared hard to get noticed, you have to do more so as to land the role. Let’s read on how to prepare for your interview.

Expect this statement: “Tell me about yourself”. Be prepared with the right answer. You don’t need a life story, your possible answer is on your resume. Make it into a statement and practice over and over until you won’t need to think before answering when asked.

Prepare ahead: Sometimes, the date set for an interview might be short and you may not have enough time to prepare, however one trick you can use is to start preparing on how to answer interview questions from the day you applied for the job role. Don’t let the probability that you might not get called deter you or see it as a fruitless effort. It would always come in handy for the next application.

Slow down and Pay attention: During the course of the interview, you might get asked a question you didn’t plan for. That’s okay. Pay attention to the question, think, plan your answer and reply as best as you can while speaking slowly. Don’t give nerves a chance, you’ve got this.

Use your friends as practice: Practice answering questions in your friends’ presence and pretend they are the interviewer. Make sure to maintain eye contact with them

Research the Company: It would help to know about the company. You would be able to show informed interest when asked “Why do you want to work for us”. You should also ask about the company from the interviewer.

Know Questions to expect: There are some typical questions you may be asked during the course of the interview, do well to make research on the following types of interview questions:

  • Personality-based interview questions
  • Career goals interview questions
  • Work habits and style interview questions
  • Behavioral interview questions
  • Typical and Common interview questions
  • Questions to ask Interviewer

We wish you all the best in the interview, Goodluck!