Post-Graduation Work Permit

An open work permit, a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) lets you work anywhere in Canada for any employer for up to three years after you graduate. Only students who are eligible, wants to stay in Saskatchewan and work can apply. PGWP helps international graduates transition to PR status by gaining Canadian work experience. Usually, the timeline to apply is within 180 days of receiving written confirmation of completion of study program. To be eligible, A student must have/ have done the following with proper documents to proof:
  • a valid temporary status or not currently in Saskatchewan
  • graduated from an eligible DLI
  • completed a program that is at least 8 months
  • maintained full-time student status in Saskatchewan the entire duration of the program (exceptions may apply)
  • received a transcript and an official letter from your institution that confirms meeting study program completion requirements.
If you want to plan long term career growth in Canada and considering the study route, make sure your program is longer than 8 months, your intending Institution is eligible as a Designated Learning Institution  and stick to your study permit terms. The post-graduation work permit is a valuable aspect of Canada’s immigration system. It is used to count as work experience for international graduates looking to transit to permanent resident status in Canada via the Canadian Experience Class program.