The Farm Owner and Operator Pathway

Farm Owner and Operator Category: This is for foreigners who intend to move to Saskatchewan for the purpose of owning and operating a farm. Applicants in the category must:

    • Have proof of experience in farming;
    • Have needed capital (money, assets) to invest in the farming operation; and
    • Have proof of a plan to buy and run a farm in Saskatchewan.

The Farm Owner and Operator category is strictly for business in primary agricultural production (crops and livestock). If you’re interested in other areas of agriculture (agri-business operations), you may qualify under the SINP Entrepreneur Category.

Steps In The Process

There are four steps to take in the process of applying to the category, including;

  1. Expression of Interest (EOI) to the SINP
  2. EOI Selection and Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  3. Business Establishment, and
  4. Nomination.
  • False Claims

Please note that it is crucial that an applicant and/or representative provide only genuine information and claims. If you claim points fraudulently, your application may be rejected and the applicant may be suspended from applying to the SINP for up to five years, depending on the decision of the SINP authority. It is equally important that an applicant and/or your representative regularly check email for updates/correspondence from the SINP authority and respond accordingly and as quickly as possible. Ideally, all necessary documents must be ready before starting the application process.

  • Translation And Translator

Submitted documents must be clear and easy-to-read. If any documents are not in English or French, you must provide;

  1. Copy of the original.
  2. Copy of English or French translation. Translations must satisfy all federal requirements.
  3. A Translator Affidavit, which proofs the translator’s capacity to act as translator.

There are certain conditions to be fulfilled by translators, including;

  • translator must be certified by a regulatory body approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
  • translator must not be a family member of the applicant,
  • translator must not be a spouse of the applicant, and
  • translator must not be anyone who works for the applicant or who is a paid consultant or representative handling your application.


You must provide all necessary documents in order to prove;

  • Applicant’s identity,
  • Work experience,
  • Academic credentials, and
  • Language ability.

Required Documents:

  1. Ethical Conduct Disclosure and Applicant Disclosure From (to be filled by the applicant and their representative, if applicable).
  2. IMM 0008- Generic Application Form for Canada (must be filled by the main applicant only).
  3. Additional Family Information Form (must be filled by both the main applicant and the spouse).
  4. Schedule A – Background/Declaration (must be filled by both the main applicant and spouse).
  5. IMM 0008 Dep- Additional Dependents/Declaration (if you have more than 5 dependants/children).
  6. IMM 5409- Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (if you have a common-law partner).
  7. IMM 5476 Form- Use of a Representative form (if you are using an Immigration Representative), to be filled for the main applicant and their spouse/common-law partner.
  8. IMM 5475- Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (if you are designating someone to contact SINP on your behalf), to be filled by the main applicant.
  9. Household register (if applicable)
  10. Translation and Translator Affidavit- If any documents are not in English or French, you must provide;
    1. Copy of the original
    2. Copy of English or French translation. Translations must satisfy all federal requirements.
    3. A Translator Affidavit, which proofs the translator’s capacity to act as translator.
  11. National IDs (if applicable) for the main applicant, spouse, and dependents
  12. Education Documents (for the main applicant).
  13. Third Party Financial Verification report
  14. Proof of dependent children’s marital status if 16 years old or over, (if applicable)
  15. Passport(s)

The passport must be valid through the entire application process, from submission of application to obtaining permanent residency and include copies of pages that reflect the passport number, date of issue, expiry date, photo, name and place of birth for:

  1. the main applicant.
  2. spouse or common-law partner.
  3. all dependent children traveling with you to Saskatchewan.

If you are living in a country that is not your nationality, you must include a copy of your visa and/or permanent residency for that country.

Language Requirements

An applicant must proof that your language proficiency matches the required level. This can be proved by providing a valid language test result. Language Test Results must;

  •  be from an approved testing agency.
  • have English and/or French language ability score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 or higher.
  • be less than two years old at the time of your application.

Approved Testing Agencies and Score:


  1. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Listening- 4.5, Reading- 3.5, Writing- 4, Speaking- 4.

  1. The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP-General)

Listening- 4, Reading- 4, Writing- 4, Speaking- 4.


  1. The Test d’évaluation de français (for French language)

Listening- 145, Reading- 121, Writing- 181, Speaking- 181.

  1. The Test de connaissance du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada)

Listening- 331, Reading- 342, Writing- 4, Speaking- 4.

Identity and Civil Status Documents

  • applicant’s birth certificate that reflects both parents.
  • spouse’s birth certificate that reflects both parents.
  • each dependent’s birth Certificate that reflects both parents
  • applicant’s marriage certificate (if married), and
  • a death certificate of your former spouse (if widowed).

If you are in a common-law relationship you must provide:

  1. IMM 5409 Declaration of Common-Law Union.
  2. Proof of at least one year of common-law relationship, which may include; bank statement showing a joint account, trust, credit union or charge card account; copy of your signed joint lease or mortgage; copy of jointly-owned property (different from your residence); copy of bills made to both of you; or copy of life insurance that lists the other partner as the beneficiary.

If you or your spouse is divorced, you must provide:

  1. Final documents for all divorces.
  2. Documents for Custody and child support (if applicable).
  3. Adoption Certificate- Adoption papers for all dependent children who were adopted.

If you have dependent children, you must include:

  1. A letter from the other parent indicating that they know of your intention to immigrate to Canada (with or without the child/children), and that there are no pending custody or child support issues.
  2. Proof of custody for each child and proof that you are legally allowed to travel with the child/children from your home country.

If you have dependent children that are not traveling with you to Canada, you must include:

  1. Their name, age and contact details (mailing address, email address, and phone number).
  2. A document stating the reason why each dependent child is not traveling with you.

Applicant’s Work History

Resumé must match the required details and template for the SINP entrepreneur category.

Notarized reference letters from the main applicant’s present and former employers on the official letterhead. They must be signed by appropriate authority within the establishment, and reflect the authority’s name and title.

The reference letters must reflect:

  1. The address and telephone numbers of the business/employer.
  2. Number of years worked,
  3. Position held and responsibilities,
  4. Remuneration- including Salary, bonus, and commission (if applicable).
  5. Certificate issued by the Notary Pubic Office certifying the authenticity of the company seal and the signature appearing on the reference letter submitted.
  • Labor contracts for the last 10 years. Organizational chart for the establishment(s) that the main applicant worked with in the last 10 years, reflecting his/her name and place on the chart, and the number of employees in each establishment must be submitted to show work experience
  • Business items of the main applicant’s current business/employer (such as product brochures, photos of business establishment, business cards, etc.)
  • Income certificate prepared by the main applicant’s current employer and signed by appropriate authority (should include their name, title and contact information)
  • Payroll records for the most recent 12 months (from the main applicant’s current employer(s)
  • Business registration certificate of each employer.
  • Tax registration/Certificate for each employer.
  • Proof of shareholding for each establishment.
  • Documents establishing a transfer of shares or changes to the list of shareholders (if applicable).

Business Plan Process

  • Exploratory Visit Report
  • Proof of exploratory visit to Saskatchewan and supporting documents.
  • A complete and thorough Business Establishment Pan (BEP).
  • Other documents to support the application (documents should be uploaded to the Experience Detail record).

Documents Required When Innovation Is Claimed 

  • For Export Trade (if applicable): a Proof of ownership or part ownership, for at least one year in the three years before the submission of your EOI, Copies of export license or the business license if it reflects permission to export goods, and Proof of export turnover for at least one year in the three years before submission of your EOI. This may include notes of audited financials.
  • For Patents (if applicable): Copy of patent documents, and Proof of use of the patent in the applicant’s business.
  • For Gazelle Business (if applicable): Records showing the number of employees for each of the four years before submission of your EOI, and Proof of a minimum of 20% growth for each of the four years before submission of your EOI. This should include audited financials.

Provincial Forms:

  • SINP-100-3 Farm Owner/Operator Application (filled by main applicant).
  • SINP-200-2 Personal/Business Net Worth Form (filled by main applicant).
  • IMM Schedule 4 -Economic Classes –Provincial Nominees (filled by main applicant).
  • IMM Schedule 4A Economic Classes –Provincial Nominees–Business Nominees (filled by main applicant).
  • IMM 5406 -Additional Family Information (filled by main applicant).
  • SINP Code of Conduct for Representatives and Applicant Declaration Form (filled by main applicant and their representative).
  • Proof of continuous full-time studies of dependent children since attaining the age of 22 OR proof of continuous financial support from parents since attaining the age of 22 (if applicable).
  • A complete and thorough Farm Establishment Plan (FEP).
  • Proof of exploratory visit to Saskatchewan and supporting documents, which may include:
    • Flight itinerary and boarding passes;
    • Itinerary and Summary of meetings, and associated photographs or business cards for persona and business interactions;
    • Photos of the main applicant’s trip; and
    • Email correspondence with any business contacts in Saskatchewan/Canada etc.
  • Photographs of farming business, buildings, equipment, crops, and livestock.
  • Receipts/invoices of sales and purchase contracts with suppliers, customers, and/or commission agents.
  • Proof of rental income (lease or rental agreements and invoices) for the most recent 12 month period.
  • Financial statements (for the most recent 3 years) prepared by a chartered accountant of the enterprise(s)/farm(s) in which the main applicant has an investment. Should include:
    • Income statement, balance sheet, and statement of profit & loss; and
    • copy of the chartered accountant’s valid license with their contact information, and proof of membership to a professional accounting body.
  • For a sole proprietorship, Business bank account statements for the most recent 12 months of the business net value appraisal.

Requirements For Farm Owner and Operator category:

  1. Applicants must contact the SINP-designated “Third Party Verification Organizations” and submit all relevant forms and documents to them for verification.
  2. Please ensure that all required forms and documents have been correctly filled before contacting the “SINP-designated Third Party Verification Organizations”.
  3. You must provide the Third Party Verification Organization with your SINP Profile Number and copies of relevant forms and documents.
  4. It is the responsibility of the main applicant to contact, engage, and ensure that the SINP-designated Third Party Verification Organizations perform and complete the verification before the due date.

Additional Documents To Provide For The Third Party Verification Organization:


  1. Bank Statements for all personal bank accounts for the most recent 12 months.
  2. Fixed Deposit- Certificate of Deposit for all term deposits held, with an explanation of any significant/lump sum deposits greater than or equivalent to $10,000 CAD.
  3. Real Property- Title Deed and/or Property Ownership Certificate for each real property owned.
  4. Property Evaluation Report- Prepared by a specialized firm for each real property owned. Include copies of the license authorizing the firm to perform professional appraisal. Evaluation is valid for one year, so the most recent 12 months evaluation should be provided.
    1. Purchase Agreement- For each real property owned by the main applicant and/or the spouse/ commonlaw partner.
    2. Payment Receipt/invoice of purchase- For each real property owned, showing proof of purchase price and taxes.
    3. Investment-Publicly Traded Stock- Transaction records of the main applicant’s stocks and shares for the most recent 12months. Include statements showing current book value and market value.
    4. Transaction records for any other investments held (such as Mutual Funds) for the most recent 12 months.
    5. Farm/Enterprise
    6. Record of land ownership to show inheritance chain (if applicable).
    7. Most recent 3 years of financial statements prepared by a chartered accountant of the enterprise(s)/farm(s) in which the main applicant has investment. Should include:
      1. Income statement, balance sheet, and statement of profit & loss;
      2. Copy of the chartered accountant’s valid license and contact information, with proof of membership to a professional accounting body.
    8. Income Tax Returns for a 3-year period.
    9. Pensions and Other Assets (if applicable). Does not include personal items of jewelry, furniture, appliances or vehicles.
    10. Signed insurance policy purchase agreement, including the amount vested and/or cash value.
    11. Capital Verification Report of the enterprise(s).

The capital verification report must have been prepared at the time the business was established and/or when the main applicant became a partner, which must be submitted by the partners of the incorporated business. A separate report must be submitted for every capital modification in the enterprise (if applicable).


  1. Mortgages-
    1. Bank letter(s) to confirm outstanding mortgage(s), and statement(s) that indicate a minimum of 12 months of regular payments, for every outstanding mortgage.
    2. Provide the page on property ownership certificate showing the mortgage has been fully repaid (if applicable).
    3. Past mortgage contracts on properties for a period of the last 10 years that the main applicant owned and sold and are claiming the sale proceeds as income.
  2. Other personal debts-
    1. Bank letters and/or contracts indicating other outstanding debts, including credit card debt, personal loan (i.e. car loan, student loan etc.).

Accumulation of Funds

  1. Narrative Document (filled by main applicant and spouse/common-law partner).
  2. Donations & Gifts(received over 6 months before application), Inheritance, and Additional Sources of Income and Other Documents to Support the Application. For donations & gifts, please include identification of the donor and their financial capacity to make a donation.
  3. For Inheritance, please include:
  1. An official Act of Death Certificate, notarized will, or court decision documents verifying the transfer of funds to the heir(s).
  2. Probate, letters of administration, and executor contact information (if applicable).
  3. Documents verifying the transfer of the amount received.

Records of land ownership to show inheritance chain.

  1. Proof of rental income (lease or rental agreements and invoices) for the most recent 12 months.

Please ensure to keep copies of all submitted forms and documents.

SINP-designated Third Party Verification Organizations includes;

  1. MNP LLP

900-2010 11th Avenue

Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0J3


2. KPMG Forensic Inc

333 Bay street, Suite 4600

Toronto Ontario, M5H 2S5